ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ



Chapter Four

Hidden Things


Well I must ask -- Why is this difference in the false and the true gospel so hidden and why is it so important?  We see in the book of Revelation where the Lord calls Himself the Alpha God and the Omega God. I thought that He was just saying that He is the first and last -- the only God and He surely is -- but is there more hidden there?

I think -- yes.  God doesnít change names without a reason.  When He renamed Cephas to Peter He was showing that Peter would become a new person. The name change meant that a new person would come forth when he would finally come to know The Truth.  The Truth does that -- it makes you into a new person.

Well did the Truth that God was declaring He would build His Kingdom on make God a different being than He had been in eternity past? Yes -- it did. I would think -- How could that be?  He is God and He is the only one. I believe that He is the only true God -- but thatís because He was going to take on a new -- never before identity named Jesus. 

He took a new name because He was going to become a different God in that the foundation of His righteousness would be established on a new foundation.  It would be the foundation of blessings by inheritance.  Blessings by inheritance is founded on life from the dead.  Before the death of Jesus the Christ the foundations of Godís Kingdom was founded on life coming forth from Godís life. After Jesus the Christís death -- the foundation of the Kingdom of God is founded on life from the dead.   In other words -- everything that enters the Kingdom of God must be founded on life from the dead or resurrection life.

I suppose that here the verse in Malachi three will come to mind ó

(Mal 3:6 KJV)  For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.  A person might say from this verse that God says He is a God that changes not.  This verse is talking about the Truth that God is a merciful God and His mercy endures forever therefore -- Jacob isnít destroyed.  So the verse doesnít say God never changes -- it says that His mercy never changes.

Also when I am saying that God is changing I donít mean that His character and nature changes because He is the same yesterday today and forever.  But He is changing all the time in our perception of Him. He is constantly appearing in an ever changing revelation of a new side or aspect of His greatness as we behold Him in deeper and deeper ways.

There is also another -- even more astounding thing that the Alpha God would do. He Himself would become life that came forth from death.  As the Alpha God -- or beginning God -- He had never before experienced death.  Christ the Alpha God was life coming forth from life. However -- to become the Omega God He would take up His existence as the God that arose from the dead -- never to die again.  The Lie and its fruit would never be able to touch Jesus the Christ again or His Kingdom.

Then I must ask -- Is the Kingdom of God prior to Genesis 1:1 the same as it will be in eternity future?  I donít believe it is.  The reason I say that is -- the Kingdom of God of the future will have a King named Jesus sitting on the throne instead of a King named Christ.  Christ the Lord will be there on the throne -- but submitted to the authority of Jesus.

Think of it! The mighty Lord Christ -- Creator of all things -- submitted to the man Jesus. This is God in His infinite wisdom showing forth that all power and authority must humble itself or it will be destroyed by its own power and glory.

That is why there is a change in the foundation on which the Kingdom of God will stand in the forever future.  I believe that King Jesus signals a change in the Kingdom of God. I believe that King Jesus is different than King Christ.  In reality-- the name of Christ was not so much King but Creator Lord Christ.

The Alpha God was the Creator Christ the Lord. The Omega God is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Lord Christ is the Creator.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the God-man redeemer and that signals a different leadership over the coming Kingdom of God.

At first we might have trouble thinking of God being Sin but that is what the Bible says. (2 Cor 5:21 KJV)  For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

The Lord Christ was ruler over a sinless creation until Lucifer believed The Lie and gave Sin his life and a voice.  Then Satan drew millions of beings with him into that same Lie. The Lord Jesus Christ is a God-man and Lord and He is ruler over a redeemed Creation that was bought by His own blood. The Kingdom that is to come is a Kingdom that was created by the death of Jesus the Christ on the Cross. Itís a Kingdom that is founded on the death of yourself and submission to authority. There is no place for self rule in the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God that is to come wasnít purchased by the blood of Christ because Christ is a spirit being and has no blood. Christ died when He submitted Himself to Jesus the man.  It was Jesus the man that would shed His blood for the redemption of the Universe.  The whole idea that the Lord Christ would become a man in the person of Jesus the man and then die for Sin is such a vast revelation we donít realize all that it encompasses.

The Kingdom to come is a Kingdom that came forth by death to self and for others -- rather than by power and glory over others.  It is a Kingdom where no sin can enter and where all things are submitted to King Jesus forever. Nothing that can defile it can enter into it.  Therefore -- the only way that it can be entered is for us to submit to righteousness by a gift of blessings by inheritance. When we do that -- we become sons and kings in our Fatherís Kingdom with great power but it is power under the authority of King Jesus Christ.

That is the True Gospel and it is the doorway into the Kingdom of God that is now and is to come.  That is the Truth as Jesus is the Truth and has revealed it by His Word.

The method by which God and His Kingdom would be blessed would forever be Ė blessings by inheritance.

You see -- there are many that are called sons of God. Christ is called the Son of God. Jesus is called the Son of God. Lucifer was called a son of God. We are called the sons of God. So what distinguishes these sons of God from each other?

I want to make it real clear here that when I put Christís name or Jesus name in with the names of created men I know that Christ is God and Jesus is God but men are men. Men are created beings and not to be compared with God except as God has revealed it -- but for this discussion of what God is establishing the Truth on -- He includes Himself as being subject to the same Truth that men are and to establish that Truth God becomes a man when Jesus the Christ is born.

This information just makes my mind reel because I never thought about it before.  I know that to be a human I have to have a body Ė soul and spirit. I am born naturally with those three parts that make up me. When I am born -- my spirit man is dead to the reality of God but it is me.  My spirit man is me whether I am dead or alive. Dead meaning unconscious to my awareness to God and live meaning Iím alive with Christís Spirit in me.

This demands that Jesus had His own spirit before Christís Spirit indwelt Him. Jesus was fully a man as well as fully God.

The  difference between these other sons of God mentioned in the Bible is how each will choose to be blessed. Lucifer is a son of God that wanted to be blessed by his works.  Now --  this will take some thought -- Christ was blessed by the work of His hands when He set in order creation in Genesis.  Christ calls Himself the Alpha God. He is the One that created all things and set them in order by the work of His hands.

Now-- this is really important.  In the creative work of Christ we see no multiplicity of someone else helping Him.  He alone takes the credit and responsibility for creating the Universe and all that is in it. We do not see Jesus the King in any of Christís creative works.  Was Jesus present at that time?  Yes He was Ė but He was a Spirit Son of God and as far as we know didnít participate in the work of Creation.

This is Christ talking ---

(Job 34:19 KJV)  How much less to him that accepteth not the persons of princes, nor regardeth the rich more than the poor? for they all are the work of his hands.

(Isa 44:24 KJV)  Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;

Well then Ė do we have two Sons of God instead of just one?  Christ the Lord and Jesus the King.  You will have to examine the information and judge for yourself.  If I answer that question there will be a big debate and I have been listening to the Lord talk to me about all this since 1990 and so my conclusions have formed over the past seventeen years and you may be just starting to think about this. After you have thought about it for five years then we can talk.

Understanding that Scripture is telling us Truths and likeness that reveal Godís existence to us I see many times in the Scriptures where twins are born to important people when something significant is going to happen.  Adam was twins in one body. Adam and Eve bore twins with Cain and Able. Esua and Jacob were twins and so on.

Why is this so important?  Because Jesus wasnít party in helping with the creation of the original Alpha Kingdom and so-- He wasnít connected with Sin in any way Ė therefore He qualifies to be a sinless  redeemer in both the spiritual world and the natural world.

I believe that because of His purity from Sin that the Lord Christ and the Father commit all things into Jesusí hands and under His authority.

I believe that man is Godís rescue plan for all of Creation.  Specifically Jesus the manís body of dirt was the hiding place where Christ went into that Ark that took Him from the waters of judgement of the Alpha Kingdom and placed Him in the resurrection Kingdom called the Omega Kingdom of God.

Poor Satan Ė he doesnít have a clue as to what is going on in the plan of redemption of all of Creation.  When Christ the Lord brings forth Adam Ė their names are really Ish and Isha Ė both man and woman are in the same body.  Wo Ė man is the man that comes out of the womb of man and becomes woman. Adam is first created as two men in one body.  Then Christ takes one of the men out of man and makes a woman out of him.  Satan sees this and thinks Ė well this new creation called man is a puny being compared to Satan himself. He isnít all that strong Ė he canít fly through space at the speed of a thought and he gets tired and has to sleep Ė he is nothing compared to me and God has made him lord over the earth. Satan thinks Ė I can easily deceive him and get him to join me in my rebellion against God.  Then he does -- just that by telling Eve The Lie that she can be her own lord and never die.

Satan thinks he has defeated Christ the Lordís plan to rescue Creation Ė but in reality he has given Christ the means He needs to enter the Ark of a dirt body called Jesus and take all of Creation there with Him and bring it into the safety of the Omega Kingdom that is Sin-proof and that will last forever.  What a plan and what a God we serve.

When I understand this -- the words of these Scriptures óI Cor. 12:6 Ė 15:28 and Eph. 1:23 are telling us much more than we see when we just read them without thinking.  You can read those verses and only see one being and He is Christ the Lord. When we do that we would be right because that is who He is Ė but He is more than just the first and last name of the Lord.  He is Christ the Lord and Jesus the King.  Two beings existing in unity as One God.  The Lord Christ is the power in that relationship and Jesus the King is the authority in that relationship.  As they agree together as One being they are examples of what we are supposed to be when we submit to the Lordship of Jesus in me.

When someone sees me or you they are supposed to see the Lord in me and me in the Lord.  We are two beings -- but functioning as one person. I give the Lord Christ the right to work His will through me because Iím the one with the human body.  My body gives the Lord the right to use His power on earth.  His power in me gives me the power to live on the earth as an ambassador representing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

So-- if I look into eternity past with my mindís eye I will see Christ the Lord and Lucifer the arc angel walking along together talking --  Christ and Lucifer -- talking to each other -- and what do I see?

I see the only Son of God talking to one of the sons of God. The only Son of God -- Christ the Lord -- had a heart to be blessed by inheritance.  We know that because that is what He established when He became the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ submitted Himself to Jesus the man and took the lower place so that Jesus could inherit all things by inheritance and not works.

On the other hand -- Lucifer -- a son of God -- wanted to establish himself on the basis of his works. When the Lord Christ said that the future Kingdom of God was to be established on blessings by inheritance and that all beings that would enter into that Kingdom had to die to their own works to be blessed -- Lucifer refused.  How do I know Lucifer refused?  Because of what he did to try make himself God.

Lucifer refused to submit himself to the foundation on which the future Kingdom would be built and so --tried to exalt his kingdom on the foundation of works.  That is the foundation on which the kingdoms of the world are built. When he made that choice -- he became Sin -- and when we make that choice -- so do we become Sin.

Lucifer couldnít conceive that Christ would be willing to die to who He was by His creative work so He could become a new Godman in Jesus and receive all things by inheritance. Lucifer just couldnít believe that God would or could die for what He loved.

So then I conclude that the only thing that distinguishes one son from the other is -- Will you become a son by dying to who you are so you can become who God has purposed  you to be -- which is a son by a gift of righteousness. That is the first half of the True Gospel.

Then next -- will you be willing to die to your own works to be blessed and allow the Lord to give you all your blessings by inheritance.  That is the second half of the True Gospel.

That Truth is what the Kingdom of God is built on and all that will enter into it must enter on that basis.


Why is this understanding so important?  Because when I find out who God has made me and what He has given me Ė if I donít understand that He has done it all for me as a gift Ė I will get lifted up. He has made me a King and given me a Kingdom to rule in and over.  When I find that out and I havenít died to my self life -- I will be lifted up with pride and then I fall into the same pit that Lucifer and Adam fell into.

As I look at the great men and women in the Scriptures -- I see that they were willing to become sons of God by submitting to the Lordship of Jesus -- but the thing that separated them from each other was -- Would they receive all things by inheritance or not? Would they die to doing works to be blessed and receive all things by inheritance?

God has decreed that the Kingdom of God is established on life from the dead Ė resurrection life.

To live in the Kingdom of God  you must have the power of an endless life. To have that power you must be living a life that has come forth from the dead.

It is no longer I that live -- but Christ that lives in me (Gal 2:20 KJV)

When Jesus opened the blind mans eyes -- he saw men walking as trees -- or like skeletons. He saw dead men walking.  He was seeing with his spiritual eyes -- life from the dead.  His dead eyes had been resurrected.

The blind man was seeing into the Kingdom of God where we are like dead men walking. We are like dead men walking or we are men living in the world and we are like live men dying.  Jesus said -- he who loses his life for my sake will find it and he who keeps his life will lose it.

Paul deals with this same problem in Galatians.  He asks -- Having been saved by grace are you now going to try to be blessed by your works.  Itís an eternal problem and that is the difference that I see in the two names of God.  The Alpha God or God of beginnings had to do works to reorder the Universe that was corrupted when Lucifer gave himself to The Lie and became Sin.

That is a picture of Christ blessing Himself by His works. He was living a life that came forth from the life that was in Him. The Omega God is a picture of God receiving all things by inheritance and living a life that comes forth out of death through the person of Jesus the man.

So -- God Himself showed that He would die to who He was so that He could become who He is and so swore -- by Himself -- to Abraham -- that this Truth would be the surety of His promise to Abraham -- shouldnít we then expect to have to make that same choice?

Jesus taught all through the Gospels of the Kingdom of God -- except a man forsake all that he has he cannot be my disciple.  Jesus told the rich young ruler -- sell all you have. In other words -- forsake all youíve worked to get and I will give you a hundred times more by inheritance.


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