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Chapter One

The Covenant Between Creation

The King and His Kingdom


Copyright 10-7-07


What is the True Gospel message?... Itís the good news that God is offering all of Creation His righteousness by a gift and blessings by inheritance.    That  means that to enter into those blessings we must have given up self- rule and choose His Lordship over us;  I must submit to Jesus as my Lord in order to make those promises apply to me.

 (Rom 10:9 KJV) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

(Rom 10:10 KJV)  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

When we choose to make Jesus Christ Lord over  us we receive all things from Him by inheritance.  Christ is Lord and Jesus is King of a new Kingdom . This new Kingdom of God is founded on the foundation of this Covenant that God has made to man and through man -- to all of Creation.   We become citizens of this new Kingdom by submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over us and are His citizens with full citizen rights to health and increase of abundance by inheritance only.

This Covenant makes many promises to all who will become a part of it by submitting to Jesus as Lord over them. The Bible tells us what all of those promises are -- but those promises are only made to those that have chosen to make Jesus Lord over them.

Many people lay claim to those promises -- but most have never surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus in their lives. That is why Christianity is almost powerless against the kingdoms of the world.  The citizens of the kingdoms of the world have no right to the promises made only to those that have made Jesus Lord over them.

Jesus made it quite clear as to the requirement to be His disciple.  He said in Luke 14:33 Ė

(Luke 14:33 KJV) So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

Disciple here means: student or learner.  Jesus is saying-- I canít be His learner unless I put all other things second to my relationship with Him and what the Lord has for me to learn and do.

Jesus made it clear again to the rich young ruler when he asked Jesus what he had to do to be in the Kingdom that Jesus was preaching and teaching. We read it in ó Luke 18:18-24...(Luke 18:22 KJV) Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

(Luke 18:23 KJV) And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich.

You can see from this text that there are no private property holders in the Kingdom of God that Jesus brought with Him to the earth.   When Jesus is Lord over us He owns us and all that was ours and we become His stewards over His stuff.  If that isnít true in your life --then Jesus isnít your Lord and the promises of God are not to you until you make that relationship true in your life by submitting to His Lordship over you.

I see two problems in the Body of Christ today regarding this. One: is that until a person has submitted themselves to the Lordship of Jesus over them and given up self-rule -- that person is building their house in vain. That house has no foundation or a foundation of sand.

The other problem is: when a person does make Jesus Lord over them and are living the life of blessings by inheritance Ė they try to make the increase come to them by using those people that havenít made Jesus Lord over them.  When they do that --they compromise the Kingdom standard for blessings by inheritance and prostitute themselves with the kingdoms of the world;  They are married to the Lord and they are also sleeping with those that are subject to the kingdoms of the world.

In doing this Ė children are born again into the Kingdom of God by an adulterous relationship with the worldís system and then these spiritual children are raised in a household of Lies and Truth mixed together.  When you mix lies and truth they both become unclean and are defiled.


Seek First

Jesus called this Covenant -- the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and told us to seek it first above all things. The reason that Jesus told us to do that is that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is Godís only solution  for all the troubles of mankind.

This Gospel is also called the Everlasting Covenant. Itís also known as the Abrahamic Covenant. When Noah believed this Covenant and obeyed it-- they called it the Noahic Covenant.

This Covenant was established in the heart of God before the Worlds began -- but it came into view when Lucifer believed The Lie that he could bless himself and not die.  This Covenant is revealed in a more detailed form when the Lord comes into the Garden of Eden to provide a covering for Adam and Eve after theyíve believed The Lie Satan told them.

As each person hears this Covenant or Gospel and believes it -- they are placed within the power of that Covenant to bless them.  It isnít a different Covenant for each person.  Itís the same Covenant and the part of it that each person believes releases its power to bless them according to what they believe. Jesus said -- be it unto you according to what you believe.

 Two Covenants --- In Galatains it says ----

(Gal 4:23 KJV) But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.

(Gal 4:24 KJV) Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. ..................

(Gal 4:30 KJV) Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.

(Gal 4:31 KJV) So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.

There are only two Covenants and not a half dozen of them. The one is bondage because it requires me to have to bless myself through self-rule.  The Covenant of self-rule to be god is outlined by the law of Moses; The other is the Covenant made to all of Creation that says I am blessed by inheritance -- if I will submit myself to the Lordship of Christ Jesus over me and receive all things by inheritance. This Covenant is only entered into when self-rule is dead and buried.

So-- letís look at this Covenant as it is revealed to Adam and Eve and the rest of Creation for the first time in the Garden of Eden.  I say the first time -- but I should clarify that by saying it was revealed then for the first time to mankind. This Covenant was in force before man was created.

We know it was in force before Adam and Eve were created because the breaking of this Covenant was the reason for the fall of Lucifer:  He refused to give up self-rule and tried to exalt his throne above the stars of God and so --was cast out of Heaven.  We will go into that later.

When Adam and Eve were created and placed in the Garden of Eden they were put there as Kings and were to take dominion Ė or rule over the Earth as kings while at the same time submitted to the Lord Christ.  Then Satan came into the Garden and told them The Lie.   

The Lie says to them that God hasnít told them everything and -- if they will do as Satan is telling them -- they can become their own god by self-rule and build their own kingdom just like God does.

Then-- Satan told them what they would have to do to become like God.  He said: all they would have to do is do what God told them to not to do and they would become their own god and they wouldnít die.  This reveals the method that The Lie uses to deceive people;  Half of The Lie is true and half is a lie.  That is the Lieís method.

Part of what Satan told them was true; if they disobeyed God they would become their own god;  They would enter a world of their own making and in that world --they could make their own choices. That was true --but in that world of self-rule you are sentenced to death and you will die. That part of what Satan told them was a lie: He told them they wouldnít die and they did die; They died immediately spiritually speaking.  They would have died physically that day if Christ hadnít come into the Garden and agreed to die in their place.

When they believed that Lie-- they became a god of Sin.  Then -- they acted on what they believed and that is putting faith in The Lie and then -- they ate from the tree that they thought would make them like God.   What they did made them a god over themselves.   Since Satan is also the god of himself and is stronger than Adam & Eve Ė what they have done is submit themselves to another god called Satan.  They have made themselves unlike God by their rebellion and submitted themselves to the god of The Lie.

What Satan told them did make them a god Ė a god of self-rule. But with that decision comes a curse of broken submission to the Only True God of the Universe.  Becoming a god of self-rule leaves you with the responsibility of blessing yourself  by your own strength and wisdom.  Not a very good trade off since Christ the Lord has infinite supply and power.

By their choice -- Adam and Eve have both become Sin because of what theyíve believed.   God had told them that death was the penalty for that.  I donít believe that Satan knew what God had told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden about death -- but if he did hear it -- he didnít understand it. If he had understood it -- he would never have done it because it was the beginning of the end for him and his kingdom of darkness.

Death as we know it -- had been hidden up until that day in which the Lord Christ entered into the Garden of Eden to rescue his two children and all of the rest of Creation. 

I want to point out here that -- if you will notice -- I called God the Lord Christ.   That is who the Lord is and that is His name at this point in time -- He isnít Jesus yet.  Jesus wonít be born for another four thousand years and so-- we see God as the Lord Christ or as Jehovah God. Now-- there is a secret hidden here that has been kept secret from before the beginning of Creation. 

Hidden in the mind of the Father and Christ and the Holy Spirit is the plan to rescue the whole of Creation through this being called man -- also called the first Adam. Satan did not know this and so --he thinks the fall of man (for believing The Lie that Satan told Eve) has put Satan in the place of lord over the man and the earth.

From eternity past -- no creature in the Universe had ever died a physical death before this time when Christ enters the Garden of Eden.  Satan had become Sin -- but he still could come before God just as before he believed The Lie. 

The Lie is that Satan -- or anyone --could make themselves like God by taking lordship over themselves.    Self-rule is Satanís choice and he makes it sound good Ė but the price is death.

Satan could still come before God and talk to Him. He still roamed up and down in the Earth.  Satan is a spiritual being and so-- he has no physical body and therefore-- canít die physically.   To Satan there was no evidence that self-rule Ė called Sin Ė  was a bad thing.  All it seemed to be was a disagreement between him and God about how the Universe should be run and who was going to be in charge.

When Satan believed The Lie he was immediately separated from the blessings of God -- but I donít believe he knew what that would lead to. Until God revealed that death was the penalty for being Sin -- no one thought that becoming Sin and being rebellious against Godís authority was all that bad.

I see it something like this:  There is this man that owns this huge farm and he has many children and each child has their own house and family.  The land produces in abundance because the man that owns it is able to make all things under his authority to prosper.  Each of his children are pretty much in control of their own choices and have a freedom to do as they please with what their father has given them charge over.  All things are blessed on this farm because the owner knows how to make things run well.

Then one day -- one of his children decides that he will declare himself owner of his own tract of land and wants to meet with the lord of the farm on an equal basis of being an owner himself. The real owner says to his child Ė you do not own that land you are living on Ė I own it and there are limits to what you can use the land for.  The child refuses to submit to the will of the real owner and so-- is cast off the farm and goes into a no-mans land to establish his own kingdom. That is what Lucifer did with God and so --was cast out of the realm of Godís provision for him. 

We see that in lifeís experiences. Those that are rebellious donít think that it will hurt them.  At first -- their rebellion doesnít seem to hurt them at all.  In fact -- itís through their rebellion that they seem to get what they want and the cost of doing that doesnít appear right away.

This deceptive Lie is much more powerful than anyone that is foolish enough to believe it-- including Satan. Satan became ensnared in the deception of The Lie because of his pride over his strength and wisdom.  The Lie is as old as The Truth because for every Truth there is an opposite Lie.  The Lie was waiting in the eternal past for someone to believe it so it could live in that person. You see -- a lie is dead until someone believes it. The Lie was established when God gave Creation a choice as to whom they would believe. We can believe God which is The Truth -- or we can believe The Lie-- something that God hasnít established as His Truth.

The Lie had no life or voice to bring forth its cause until Lucifer gave it his voice. That is how Satan became the father of The Lie: he gave it his voice and life. When Lucifer did that Ė The Lie took control of Lucifer and he became Satan: the father of The Lie.

Godís wrath against The Lie --called Sin-- didnít take on an outward sign until Christ came into the Garden of Eden and slew the most helpless of animals -- a one year old lamb. All of Creation must have wondered at that scene.  Here was the God of love -- killing this helpless little lamb.  They must have wondered -- What are you doing?



The Lamb of God

Try to picture this event for a minute.  Adam and Eve have come under the sentence of death for believing The Lie and becoming Sin.  Having become Sin -- theyíve acted on The Lie that theyíve believed and ate from the tree that they were told not to eat from. The act of eating from the tree was the evidence of the fact that they believed The Lie.

The Lie says Ė you can make yourself a god by ruling over yourself and if you do that-- you wonít die.   Of course -- Satan didnít tell Adam and Eve that when you do that you cut yourself off from Godís supply to you and so -- must be your own supply.

Believing The Lie makes a person become Sin. Then --their actions of disobedience and rebellion are the evidence of the Sin that they have become.

This sequence establishes that itís the believing of The Lie that causes us to become Sin. The actions that follow are merely the evidence that we believe The Lie. The Lie is that we are believing that by taking up self-rule it is going to make us like God and bless us. That is The Lie.

When we believe The Truth -- we are like God because He gives that privilege by a gift through believing The Truth as He tells it.  When He tells us that -- if we will believe His Truth -- it will make us the righteousness of God.  He is telling us The Truth. The Scriptures say -- Whosoever believes The Truth will be saved. That is saved from the curse of The Lie.

So -- Adam and Eve have believed The Lie and have become Sin.  They ate from the tree that God said not to eat from and they did that because they believed The Lie. The sentence for becoming Sin is death.  God had said to them that -- in the day you do that you will surely die.

(Gen 2:17 KJV) But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

So-- their death was to be carried out before six oíclock that same day. No waiting around the jail for years until the sentence is carried out. It was to happen before the sun went down on that same day.  If God enforced that law -- I bet you would see the crime rate drop.  Either that or there would be a dramatic drop in the population.

All of Heaven must have been watching that day.  The two new creations that God has established as the heads of the new creation are going to die.  They actually died spiritually as soon as they became Sin -- but that doesnít show on the outside of them as a bad thing.

Inside of them -- in their soul realm -- they have become afraid for the first time since the day they were created and their fear of being found out makes them hide themselves from the One that created them and loves them.

Now-- God is going to show all of Creation what Sinís end is.  The Lord comes into the Garden of Eden and Heaven is expecting Him to exact that sentence against Adam & Eve  before six oíclock that evening.  He has to do that because God canít lie.

Christ the Lord -- the Lord of all of Creation -- stands there at the gate to the Garden and looks around -- calling out the names of the two that He loves so much.  ďAdamĒ -- ďEveĒ -- God calls; Where are you?

They havenít met Him as usual and -- of course -- He knows why.  As they come and stand before Him in their fig leaves -- He walks with them to the very spot in the Garden where He had warned them about not listening to anyone that spoke to them about good and evil.  He asks them what they have done. They tell Him -- but they blame someone else for their foolishness.

As Heaven watches to see what will happen next -- Christ the Lord looks around the Garden on all the animals that are watching. Of course -- none of them are afraid for themselves because they havenít done anything wrong.  Yet-- there is an apprehension in the air because the king and queen of the earth have come under a curse and creation can feel it.

Christ reaches down and picks up a little one year old lamb. It is a perfect lamb -- without spot or blemish.. While holding it -- Christ pronounces a death sentence on The Lie and Sin -- and on all of those that come under itsí power.

All who are watching donít know it but Christ --the Lord-- standing there holding the lamb is a prophetic picture of both the power of God to forgive and the wrath of God against Sin.  The righteousness that God Himself will inherit through death and the love of God for all of Creation are seen in that picture.

Think about this scene carefully or you will miss all that is happening: Christ the Lord  will-- through this act that is to follow -- prophecy about a righteousness that He Himself will inherit  that He doesnít have at that time. It will be an inherited righteousness because someone will die to give it to Him.  He Himself will experience death because He will have submitted Himself to a man called Jesus the second Adam.

At this point Christ is establishing a Decree or Covenant. The decree is: that no life is eternal unless it comes forth from death.  It isnít very clear right at that moment but since we know the outcome of the Cross -- that is the decree that the Cross establishes.  No life is eternal -- nor will any life enter the Kingdom of God unless that life has come forth from the dead.  It is called resurrection life.

I donít believe that the death that this Covenant reveals is only physical death because there are creatures in the Universe that will never die physically.  The good angels donít ever experience physical death so -- it must mean the death of our self-life. That means-- denying ones self-rule and bowing to the Lordship of Jesus;  That allows us to see the Kingdom of God;   That establishes relationship.  Then-- the next step is to enter the Kingdom of God by allowing the Word of God to tell us how to receive the inheritance that comes with that relationship.

Jesus said that to Nicodemus:  For a man to see the Kingdom of God he had to be born again.  You are born again by accepting Jesus as your Lord and dying to your desire to control your own life.   Then -- you enter the Kingdom by being born of the water and the Spirit.

Adam and Eve are the representative heads over all the creatures that are there -- as well as the world itself.  Then --we must consider that Christ the Lord is the head over Adam and Eve and responsible for what they do as well.

I wonder if the tree that Adam and Eve ate from didnít begin to wither and die.  It was the symbol of the Sin that had entered the Garden of Eden. That tree was like the tree that Jesus cursed in the New Testament. (Matt 21:19)

So-- the Lord Christ knows that all the world has come under the sentence of death for what Adam and Eve have believed. Satan -- which Iím sure is there watching -- is under that same death sentence -- only he doesnít realize what that means -- nor does all the heavenly host understand what being under the sentence of death means. No-one has ever seen or understood the price to establish righteousness by inheritance.

Satan and the angels may have understood something about the price of Sin because of the destruction of the pre-adamic Earth -- but those of the new creation have never seen the results of Sin.  Creation also never saw what was necessary to buy back the thing that is lost when we believe The Lie.

Christ the Lord is going to -- not only pronounce the sentence of death on The Lie and Sin -- He is going to pay that price Himself -- because He is the Lord that takes responsibility for the things He creates.  He is going to show Satan the difference between being a good Shepard that dies for the sheep and an evil Shepard that doesnít set his captives free from the prison of Sin.

Speaking of Satan the Scriptures say -- (Isa 14:17 KJV)  That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

Christ the Lord -- having pronounced the sentence of death on Adam and Eve along with all of the world -- knowing that He has pronounced that same sentence on Himself because He is the representative head over all of Creation.  He takes the little lamb that He is holding in His arms -- draws the sword of the Spirit and slays the lamb.

As the blood begins to pour out of the lamb -- the red blood stains the hands of Christ  -- then -- the white hair of the lamb -- then -- as it runs down the robes of Christ and onto the ground -- all that are watching are astounded.

They ask -- What is He doing to that little innocent lamb; What is all of this red stuff that is running down all over everything? In a moment the lamb is laying limp in the hands of Christ that created it -- but now has slain it.  Then --Christ begins to cut the skin off of it and shapes it into the skins that will cover the Sin that is on Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve have to take off the fig leaves that they were hiding themselves with and expose themselves naked before the Lord. When they did that -- nothing was hidden from the Lord that created them.  Then --Christ gives them the lambís skins and they put them on.

I believe at that point Adam and Eve were giving up self-rule and receiving from the Lord His provision for them and so-- the death sentence passed from them to the Lord Christ.

Christ the Lord provides the covering skins -- but they have to receive them for themselves. These skins arenít dried and tanned. They are still warm from the life of the lamb that died to give them to Adam and Eve and so now -- Adam and Eve are covered with the blood of the lamb also.

When they put them on -- they were covering themselves with a covering righteousness that was represented by those skins and the death sentence passed from them to the One that provided the coverings for them.  The promise of a Redeemer is revealed and the Everlasting Covenant is established by the shedding of blood.

I donít know how much of what just happened was fully understood by all that were watching.  This was the beginning of the revelation of the mystery that was hidden in Christ from the foundation of the World. It was how that God would become a man and pay the price for Sin.  It was a revelation of how that Christ  would become a man in the person of Jesus and suffer death along with Jesus for all of Creation.

Much more is hidden here that we will talk about later -- but all of heavens host is watching and listening. As the lambís blood falls onto the earth it is a likeness to when the blood of Jesus the Christ will fall onto the Earth and establish that the Earth is a set apart place for the establishing of a foundation on which this new Kingdom of God will be built.

The Scriptures say that the angels wonder at these things and desire to look into them.  The reason for Godís wrath against Sin isnít apparent at first. Those that watched the little lamb die couldnít see why it had to die.  What God was saying is: Sin is an evil that will not only cause God to have to die -- but will kill Creation also if it isnít dealt with. Sin must be dealt with in a way that it canít ever arise again.  That is why God pronounced death on Sin.

But now -- we have to remember that death isnít the end of all things. Because of death--  resurrection  becomes the beginning of eternal life. By the law of death for Sin-- God established that Sin is the doorway into the resurrection that all eternal things must pass through. So-- the death of our self-rule becomes the foundation on which Christ builds the Temple of our new life.

The death of Christís self-life has become the foundation on which Jesusí resurrection life stands -- and it will stand forever on that sure foundation.

I know that this information might cause you to have to think -- but that is what we are about.  We are not trying to prove we are right.  We are trying to come to the knowledge of the Truth as Jesus Christ has revealed it. So think and pray on these things and we will carry on from this point. 

The Lord has been talking to me about these Truths for seventeen years and we have much to share on many subjects so we hope you will read all of what the Lord has shown us.  You probably wonít agree with all of it Ė but at least listen and form your own basis of Truth.


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