“The Truth About --The Lie About”


Chapter Fifteen

Establishing Kingdom Principles


Remember this Truth -- Jesus the Christ has received all things by inheritance.   The man Jesus is not Lord because He created the Universe. Jesus didn’t create the Universe.  Christ created the Universe and -- because He did -- He is dead to Himself being Lord -- and submitted to the Lordship of Jesus the man. 

Jesus received His Godhead by inheritance as He was conceived by the will of the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ the Lord spoke and the body of Jesus the man was birthed within the body of Mary -- Jesus’ mother.  Jesus received His manhood through the will of Mary His mother as she submits to Christ.

Mary was a submitted woman and so -- brought forth a seed of submission to authority which Jesus proved to be.  Christ the Lord was in Jesus and submitted to the will of Jesus. Christ the Lord in taking up residence in the man Jesus. Christ submitted Himself to Jesus because Jesus had authority over His own body as well as authority in the earth because He is born of a woman.

Christ being in Jesus is a picture of how Christ had brought forth Adam and Eve.   Adam and Eve were in the same body when they came forth from the breath and hand of God.  In the case of Jesus and Christ -- Jesus is the authority and Christ is the power. Power and authority coupled with humility is the nature of the rulers of the Kingdom of God.  One will not move ahead and do anything without the other being in agreement.  Let everything be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses -- even the actions of God Himself.  Humility –  authority and power are three witnesses of the future rulers of the Kingdom of God.

You can see in the disciples when Jesus sent them out the first time in Luke 10:20 that when they saw that the demons were subject to them they got lifted up and began to argue as to who among them was the greatest.

Authority and power in the hands of one person will cause pride to lift that person up and Lucifer is a perfect example of what happens.  Adam and Eve in one body had authority and power just as Jesus and Christ have it now.  That --coupled with humility-- causes great blessings to come upon both the leader and the people.

When Christ gave Eve her own body -- then authority and power were placed in two separate beings. If they remained one -- in purpose and agreement -- the Devil would never have been able to deceive them -- but because Eve chose to act alone -- without the authority of Adam -- she fell into the deception of the Lie. Then Adam -- acting alone -- without talking to the Lord -- also fell into The Lie and we all know what the outcome of that is.

So --Jesus was conceived by the Lord Christ submitting to Mary and receiving permission to use her body for the birth of Jesus. Then Mary -- submitting to Christ and allowing Christ to carry out His purpose for her life. So the two forces upon which the new creation is built -- came together in one purpose of establishing the foundation of the Kingdom of God.  Those two forces are the power of God and submission to authority -- moving in humility.

The conception of Jesus within the body of Mary is a revelation of humility. Here we see God submitting Himself to the will of Mary. He didn’t overwhelm her -- He over shadowed her with His glory and offered her this chance to do the will of God -- even though it would bring great reproach on her from the religious world of that day. 

So Mary humbles herself before God and submits to His will for her.  It’s a picture of two beings submitting themselves to each other to accomplish God’s purpose. This is a picture of the way the Kingdom of God works. The greater humbling themselves to the lesser -- then the lesser humbling themselves to the greater.  The greater must always go first.

If the lesser doesn’t have a heart of humility -- they will surely be lifted up when the greater humbles themselves to them.  When the Lord lets us be exalted by Him using us -- that is the time when we must humble ourselves.  If we don’t -- we will surely be lifted up.


Jesus the Man -- Christ the Lord


Jesus the man is the point where two eternities meet.  Eternity past and eternity future touch at the point where Jesus is born.  Before Jesus came on the scene eternity past was the way God determined it would be.  When Jesus was born – eternity future was to be the way God wanted it to be – but it would be totally different than it had been before Jesus was born.

Not just different in the physical realm – but different in the spirit realm and different even in the revelation of God Himself. The changes were within the Godhead’s knowledge of what He would do – but the revelation of Himself would be new.  God would become someone that He had never been before -- the God that died for what He loved.  God died for The Truth and exalted it above Himself. God knew what He would do but He would be different than He had been from eternity past.

Well –What could have possibly happened to make this change in all things necessary?  Sin was given a life and a voice. Before Lucifer believed The Lie – The Lie had no life and no voice. It was a complete kingdom realm but there was no life in it so that it could live and speak its Lie.

When Sin was conceived or brought forth to live – it brought forth death with it -- because God had decreed that the curse of Sin is death.  So when Lucifer gave his life and voice to The Lie it wasn’t only Lucifer that was changed – all of Creation was changed because before that time there was no Lie in the Universe. When The Lie was given life – that life went wherever Creation went and so --filled all of Creation.

At first it was like dropping a drop of blood in the ocean.  You can’t detect it but that blood is throughout the entire ocean.  However --small it may be-- it is like leaven – ready to show its nature to whomever will give themselves to it.

From that point on – even in Heaven itself -- where the present throne of God exists -- the little seeds of The Lie are present waiting for someone to believe The Lie and it will spring forth like leaven to leaven the whole of Creation. So what must God do?   What must God do to stop this great evil from taking root and leavening the whole Creation.  Remember this leaven is the offer of self- rule. The leaven of The Lie says – You can be god over yourself and bless yourself and you will never die.

God can’t say – oops-- I made a mistake and erase this evil. Choice demanded an alternative to The Truth.  That alternative is The Lie.  The Lie is a complete kingdom in itself. It’s founded on its’ own lies and has its’ own rules and rewards.  It is in every sense a realm where you can live and suffer its’ fruit.  It has its’ own authority and those that represent it. It doesn’t have its’ own power -- other than the power that it can steal from those that believe it.  The Lie’s ultimate goal is to get God to give His life to The Lie and then it would be God. That is what Satan tried to do when he offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world.


God never gave The Lie life or power of its’ own because it’s a lie – but those that believe it have to give it their life and power. After The Lie takes the life and power of the person that believes it – The Lie kills them because that is the reward of The Lie. God decreed that so that The Lie would have an end because it will kill all that believe it and so-- it will have no more life and so-- no more voice.  A lie without a voice can’t be told and therefore dies.

Understanding this let’s us see then that eternity past has been contaminated  by the birth of The Lie.  So now there must be a rebirth of The Truth without The Lie or after The Lie is dead. There must also be someone that can kill The Lie and redeem those that The Lie has killed. God as Himself can’t do it because He can’t die.

Jesus is that rebirth of The Truth.  Jesus is The Truth in a new form. Before Jesus -- in the old Kingdom of God -- Christ the Lord was the Word of God and so –The Truth. Jesus as a man is God’s rescue plan for the Universe.  If you and I join Jesus by submission to Him as our Lord we become part of that rescue plan for Creation.

In preparation for the redemption of all things – The Truth is clothed in a new body that had never existed before – Jesus the man is born.

So eternity stops for time to begin to fix what The Lie  has destroyed.  Jesus can’t go back into eternity past to fix the problem because everything there is tainted with The Lie. Jesus must establish a new Kingdom where The Lie has never lived.  You can’t get leaven out of bread after you once put it there. You must make a new loaf where leaven has never been and also make this new loaf so that the old leaven can not even enter it.

So the Father put Christ to sleep and brought forth Jesus out of Christ as Christ put Adam asleep and brought for Woman out of Adam. Then the Father placed His King on His holy hill in Jerusalem and named Him Jesus the King. 

He’s also called the second Adam.  That is God’s second attempt to establish His Kingdom in the Universe.   Then-- He gave Jesus a Kingdom realm to rule over.  The Father made Jesus a Son of God – a King – an Ambassador and gave Him a Embassy realm to live in called the Kingdom of God in earth.

Jesus the man has no supernatural powers – He can’t be in more than one place at a time and on His own can’t create anything by His own power.  He only has the power of Christ that is in Him to accomplish the purpose for which He is brought forth.  Like us – the Christ in Jesus is subject to the will of Jesus the man.

The old Kingdom of God must pass away because it is tainted with Sin.  Christ is the Creator of that Kingdom and so --must assume the responsibility for what happened there.

Therefore --Christ passes the headship of the new Kingdom of God to Jesus the man. Christ indwells Jesus and submits Himself to the authority of Jesus over His own body.  We see that in our own bodies – our bodies are Christ body as well because He is in us but we have the authority over our earthly bodies.

Therefore a New Kingdom of God must come forth with a new King.  The new Kingdom of God must become immune to The Lie or we could have a repeat of what happened to the old Kingdom of God.  I choose to call the old Kingdom of God the Alpha Kingdom. I choose to call the new Kingdom of God the Omega Kingdom and I believe that the Scriptures bear that out.

So the plan begins to unfold.  Jesus the man is born.  Eternity past stops at the Cross of Jesus the Christ. The measuring of time begins and the plan unfolds in time. When the purpose of God to establish -- Jesus as King of His own Kingdom of God  is accomplished – time will stop and eternity will begin again and last forever. We are in that period of time where the purposes of God are being established in all of Creation and created beings.

This new Kingdom of God has never existed before Jesus was born – only in the mind and purpose of the Godhead. The new Kingdom of God is totally different than the past Kingdom of God. The past Kingdom of God was established on the life of God coming forth and giving life to all that receive it.

The new Kingdom of God is established on life from the dead. You must posses life from the dead to enter the new Kingdom of God. That is true for all created things and it is also true for God in Christ. God in Christ has submitted Himself to the requirements to enter the future Kingdom of God by submitting Himself  to Jesus the King.

Visualize for a moment the two beings standing side by side. Jesus the man and Christ the Lord. Christ the Lord is the glory of God. His countenance and brightness is above the brightness of the sun.  His power and might are incomprehensible.  He sends fire from Heaven and burns up His enemies. The angels tremble before Him. There is no one in the Universe comparable to His glory.


Then standing next to Christ is Jesus -- the meek and lowly of heart.  A mortal man -- but hidden within Him is someone that is capable of containing the glory of the Lord Christ and yet-- remain humble and meek. Within Jesus is someone that doesn’t think that being in the likeness of God is anything to be grasped after.

(Phil 2:5 KJV) Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

(Phil 2:6 KJV) Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:  This offer is to each one of us that will have that same mind set.

Would Christ the Lord dare to submit Himself to this man Jesus and give to Jesus all His glory and power -- never again acting outside the permissive will of Jesus?  Would Christ the Lord dare do that?  Yes -- He would -- because that is what He did.

Well -- did Christ the Lord do that before Jesus had decided to submit Himself to the Lordship of Christ?  I believe that Christ did that knowing and trusting that Jesus was that kind of a man. Jesus was born a God man. 

 I believe that Christ came into Jesus when He was born. I believe that Christ died to who He was and was born again when Jesus was born. Christ the Lord was in Jesus reconciling the World unto Himself through Jesus.  Why do I believe that?  Because that is what I believe the Scriptures say.

(2 Cor 5:17 KJV) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

From this verse I believe that Jesus was a new man because Christ was in Him from His birth and Jesus was in Christ from before the beginning. Just as Ish and Isha were one being so also were Christ and Jesus.  At the appointed time Christ took Adam and put him to sleep and took Isha out of Him and they became two.  So also-- was Christ and Jesus One being.  Then-- at the appointed time the Father separated them and Jesus was born a God man. So old things are passed away -- both for Jesus and for Christ.  He -- Jesus the Christ-- is One new being.  All things have become new for them -- both of them.

Their love for each other is immeasurable. They died for each other and so-- are alive for each other.  They are the perfect example as to what a marriage is supposed to be between a man and his wife.

All things are of God -- or authored by God who is reconciling us -- that is us men -- to Himself by Jesus the man joined to Christ the Lord and has given to us the ministry of that same revelation because that is also true of all of us that are born again.

(2 Cor 5:18 KJV) And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

(2 Cor 5:19 KJV) To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

(2 Cor 5:20 KJV) Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

(2 Cor 5:21 KJV) For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin;...

So who was made Sin? Jesus and Christ were made Sin.  Christ was in Jesus when they became Sin. Well -- why would Christ have to be made Sin?  He was in Jesus and they are One -- but also -- because Christ was becoming Sin agreeing with Jesus that the Kingdom of God was to be built on righteousness by a gift and blessings by inheritance. Christ was blessed by works when He created the Universe and restored the Earth -- so He too was dying to that way of being blessed.

So through the Cross -- both Jesus and Christ were establishing a new kind of righteousness -- or -- maybe I should say -- a new definition of righteousness. There are many degrees of righteousness -- but the kind of righteousness that the Kingdom of God is established on is the kind that Jesus and Christ established by dying to ever being righteous by their works or being blessed by their works. That is the kind of righteousness that you must become to enter the Kingdom of God. So for each of us -- when we are surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus -- we are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

...that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

(2 Cor 6:1 KJV)  We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.

Imagine now those two beings becoming one being -- Jesus the man and Christ the Lord.  A marriage of power and glory with authority seen in meekness and humility. That is who Jesus Christ is. That marriage is the reason we see such a marked difference between how God did things in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  That marriage is supposed to be duplicated when a man marries a woman.

In the Old Testament it is Christ the Lord acting alone. In the New Testament it is the Lord Christ submitted to Jesus the man.  From this we can see how God feels about submission to authority and being humble and meek.

From that melding into one of these two beings -- we learn that for every step up in our appointed place by God that releases His power in our life -- we must take a lower seat in humility.  Power without humility is Satanic and brings the sentence of death.

Power without humility is a curse. Satan is a revelation of what happens when there is much power without humility.  The next question that comes to mind then is what about God the Father?  Does He have power without humility?


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