ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ


Chapter Twelve

The Lie


Now itís important that I understand that for every Truth there is the corresponding Lie.

The cleverness of The Lie is that it isnít different from The Truth as far as its content. The only difference between The Truth and The Lie is that The Lie reverses the order of The Truth. The order and therefore-- the method by which Iím to be blessed is reversed in The Lie.  The Lie promises to bless me -- but by a different method than God has chosen.  The Lie says:   you wonít be blessed by inheritance -- you will do works to get blessed.

Godís chosen order for blessings is first -- to teach me to walk with Him and trust Him to supply every need because Iím His son -- that is called relationship. Then -- He brings wealth and recognition.  That is called inheritance.   Recognition is seen when my Lord anoints me as a King and gives me a Kingdom to have dominion over. He does it in that order so that I wonít be lifted up by His goodness to me. First son-ship and death to my self-life and Jesus becomes Lord over me.  Then inheritance Ė kingship and dominion.

Look at it like this ó first the foundation. Foundations are buried in the dirt and they are in the place of death.  That is death to my self-life and I know longer live -- but Christ lives in me.  When that is accomplished as a reality Ė then Temple building where the king lives and has dominion. Power and authority become the evidence of the kings dominion. When the whole building is done it becomes the place where God lives in me in the world.

The Lieís order is -- to bless me first so that I will be lifted up and trust in my own ability and accomplishments. That is Temple building with no foundation.  Then the Lie says -- now you can learn to know God.  That order never works.  Those that are able to succeed by doing works-- take the place of a king by their own power and take dominion by the force of power through wealth.

The Lie is -- you can become righteous if you will do works and you will be blessed by doing works.  Believe this Lie and you will die in the kingdoms of this world.

Well --what about those Christians that get tremendously blessed by their works and then repent of their lifestyle and try to do many mighty works for the Lord with their great wealth? I believe that the rich young ruler is the example for that.  The only way you can make those blessings that were gotten by works -- do good works for God is for you to submit them to the authority of someone else.  Give them over to the authority of someone that understands how the Kingdom of God works so that you donít use them without the ok of someone else.  That way you can make them an acceptable offering to God just as Jesus told the rich young ruler to do.

Why should a person have to do that? Because  those riches that you worked to get are a Cain offering and God wonít accept them at your hand.  You worked to get them and so-- God wonít accept them from you.  God doesnít need the money Ė He is concerned that you come to Him with only yourself to offer.  God can accept those works from someone elseís hand but before they can give them to God you have to give them to that other person. That is why God told the rich young ruler to give his stuff away first and then come and follow Jesus as Lord.

Believe The Truth and you become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Believe The Lie and you become Sin.

The penalty for believing The Truth is eternal life.

The penalty for believing The Lie is death.


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