“The Truth About --The Lie About”


Chapter 12


The Chart Explained


This Chart is a graphic that illustrates at least some of these Truths.  The chart depicts the dividing event between the two eternities and between the two Kingdoms “Alpha and Omega.”  Jesus the Christ is truly the Alpha and the Omega Kingdom.  He is both the dead foundation and the living Temple of the Kingdom of God.

The Cross is the divider of all things righteous and unrighteous.  It not only shows what is the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness -- but it brings unrighteousness to the place of reconciliation --  making it part of the eternal purpose of God the Father -- Son and Holy Spirit.

The Bible declares that there will be a time when death and the grave will be no more. The future will bring forth men and women that will bring forth after their kind and their kind will be righteousness from the moment of conception.  However -- within that new being will be the heart that has written on it the will of God for that person without seeking their own lordship.  The goodness of God and His provision to each being will be their only heart’s desire forever.

That Kind of man or woman is what God is looking for. That is what God has been looking for through all the ages of the past.  That kind of man or woman is the seed of Christ and the man Jesus.  That kind of person is the seed that Father will sow into the Omega Kingdom of God that will fill the Universe of the future.

However -- the two Kingdoms exist in each of us now.   Our spirit-man -- which was dead at birth -- is born again when we receive Jesus Christ as Lord.  Our spirit-man is made alive and perfect in the image of God.

Our spirit-man is the example of the Alpha-man when we are born physically.  He is dead to the presence of God. Then -- we receive Christ as Lord and our spirit-man is made alive in Christ and becomes an Omega-man.




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