ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ


Chapter 20


Dirt -- The Place of Foundations


Because of Sin -- the Earth is the place of dead things.   The place where things are buried -- but it is also the place where foundations are laid and new things are built on that foundation. Do we realize that because the Earth is where Sin is buried that it makes the Earth the foundation of the new Omega Kingdom?

Oh Earth -- you are the smallest among the mighty ones of the Universe -- yet -- out of you has come forth the Seed that will fill the Universe with My sons.

Earth (dirt) is uniquely the substance of the material world and what I call the Omega Kingdom of God.  I believe that before the recreation of Genesis 1:1 -- the Universe was a spiritual Creation.  Adam and Eve were not brought forth yet and so -- no flesh and blood beings existed.  Adam and Eve were the first of their kind.  They were made of the dirt of the Earth.

The Earth appeared out of the water. God knowing that the original Earth would be destroyed because of Sin -- He buries Sin in the Earth that Lucifer had been lord over.

Dirt is synonymous with death and foundations. Then --  God made man from that dirt because manís eternal existence is founded on dirt which is the place of foundations and new beginnings.

Death is the foundation of manís resurrection life.  Then -- out of that little piece of dirt body -- God placed each one of His spiritual sons -- if that spirit being (which we are) would submit to death to his own way he would be buried in that body called dirt.  Then -- rise from that place of death into resurrection life and so -- live forever in the Omega Kingdom of God.

Our bodies are like a transporter or Ark that our Father God places His spiritual sons into so they can be transported from this doomed Creation into another blessed Kingdom of God.

In order to get from one Kingdom ďAlphaĒ to the other Kingdom ďOmegaĒ I have to pass through death. So --  we agreed with our Father before we were born to allow Him to place us in this dirt body that is born spiritually dead.  The Scriptural likeness to that is when Abraham placed Isaac on the altar of wood to kill him.  Isaac allowed his father to do that because he trusted him with his life.

We begin to see the reason that these events happened to the men of old. They teach us the principles that our Heavenly Father uses in our lives to bring us to our appointed destiny. Being born into the world is a likeness that our Heavenly Father places us in an Ark or reed boat like Moses -- or a dirt body like Adamsí and closes the door. He sends us to the Earth in a womb: Which is to our spiritual body a tomb.

The body is born and we are in it. The body comes forth alive in the Devilís kingdom. We have every right to be here on the Earth in the Devilís kingdom because we are of the substance of the Earth.

Hidden within each person born of a women is a hidden seed of the Fatherís Kingdom that is coming.  Unlike Satan who invaded Godís Kingdom with an illegal seed --  the Lord invaded Satanís kingdom with a legal seed.

Then -- the Holy Spirit could whisper to that dead seed hidden in our dirt bodies and it would hear and be born again.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made indeed.(Psalm 139:14)

Then -- we are seed sown by our Father into the world. We fall into the ground and die. We hear Christís voice and are born again. Now -- we have a right to inherit the Earth and claim it for our Fatherís Kingdom.

Will we claim this world for our Father or will we try to own it ourselves like Satan did? Will I fight to give the Lord His heartís desire or will fight to have my own desire?  What will you do?

When we are born physically from the womb of our mother -- we are spiritually dead.  We are dead men --  spiritually speaking -- living in a dead world that is sentenced to death for Sin.

When our spiritual man -- hidden in that dead body of Earth -- hears the voice of our Father it rises from the dead into resurrection life while still in the transporter -- or Ark -- that God built and placed on the waters of judgement -- of which Moses is a type.

Spiritually speaking -- that Ark has come to rest on the mountains of the Omega Kingdom in the form of spiritual seed sown by our Father;  That seedís (which we are)  time has come to spring up and begin to proclaim the True Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus brought to Earth with Him.

The spirit-man agreed while in Heaven to enter the dirt body and die there and we were born.  Then -- when the dirt-man (soul) heard The Truth about Jesus Christ --  the spirit-man would believe that Truth and be born again.

The spirit-man would arise from the dead in the dirt-man and cause the dirt-man to submit to King Jesus.  When he did that -- the power of the spirit-man would rise up and cause the dirt-man to become a new creation.

The scriptures say:  Before I formed you in your motherís belly (dirt) I knew you. We were spirit beings before we were dirt beings. These dirt bodies are little pieces of the eternal substance of the Omega Kingdom where our Father has placed each one of His spirit sons so they can be transported thru death into eternal life in the Ark of Christ.

The time for waiting is over.  Itís time to understand and get out of the boat to be where Jesus is:  Peterís experience is a type of that. When Sin entered the Universe -- God our Father began to build an Ark.  It was a place of safety from the judgement of God against Sin.

This Ark looked like a casket. All who were in the Ark were to be taken from the dying world to a new world after the judgement.  As they left one world (died to it) they entered another world in resurrection life.

Whether you are dying or rising from the dead determined which world you are becoming part of.  As the Ark lifted them above the mountains of the old world -- it set them down on the mountains of the new world.

In the new world is where we walk on top of the water with Jesus -- but to do that I have to get out of the boat -- or casket -- of the old world; I have to believe that in the new Kingdom itís a place where walking on the water is normal. Fear can keep me in the old boat -- the place of death.

Fear makes me afraid to leave the old Kingdom -- even though itís dying. Faith puts me in Jesus on the water in the new Kingdom of God.

Iím not a healed person -- Iím a new person: Behold all things have become new. The world changes for a healed person; I change when I become a new person.   A poor person gets wealth when they are healed financially; A changed person is wealth because he has an inheritance and no longer needs the wealth of the world to be prosperous.

When the Ark landed on Mt. Ararat -- Noah left the Ark and went and did what he used to do before the flood.

When Jesus was anointed He didnít do anything He used to do. When Abraham left Ur he lived by inheritance from then on.  Abraham saw Jesusí day and rejoiced to see it.




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