ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ


Chapter 26


New Kingdom Hidden Within


When Lucifer introduced or conceived The Lie into the Universe -- he changed the Universe into an unclean realm.  Satan became the lord of that realm because he conceived and gave life to The Lie.

The Lord Christ -- could no longer sit on the throne of that unclean Kingdom as its Lord.  Satan had created an unclean Kingdom out of a clean Kingdom.

God was still the all-powerful God of the Universe -- but He couldnít move against that unclean Kingdom because Satan had created it by choice.  Those that followed Satan into that unclean Kingdom -- had chosen it as well.

As I consider the significance of this principle which Satan used to bring forth the kingdom of darkness it amazes me.  Satan used his breath or voice to bring forth the realm of The Lie and darkness. Satan believed The Lie of blessings by self-rule and then -- repeated it and a whole realm of self-rule came forth. Christ called what he did Sin and identified it by assigning it to darkness as its place.

That is the process that the Lord Himself used to bring forth Creation.  He believed The Truth as He tells it and then -- spoke that Truth and a whole realm of righteousness and blessings came forth.

Satan doesnít have the power to create -- but he does have the power to use the principles that God has established to try to be lord over all who will listen to him. As The Truth has the power to bring forth fruit -- so does The Lie have that same power to bring forth evil fruit.

Oh -- the power of belief and words. We donít realize that in each of us is this power to believe and speak. When we do -- we release the power of God to bless or the power of The Lie to curse.

The Lord couldnít move against that unclean Kingdom by force because that would be taking away the free choice of the Lordís gift to Creation to be free. We can see the practical illustration of that principle working in America right now.

There are groups of people that want to live in a country with legalized abortion -- legalized homosexuality and all kinds of legal corruption. So -- those same people have gotten the government to pass laws legalizing these kinds of sins and so -- by choice -- we are turning this country into a nation of corruption and those that donít want that have to allow it because it is the law of the land.

Well -- What can be done about it? Nothing -- until we get enough righteous people to overturn those laws and change the nation back to righteousness or move to a new land -- and there is no land to move to.

So it was with the Lord -- when Satan introduced Sin into Christís Kingdom -- only with Him -- He has another choice.  He created a new land -- or Kingdom -- called the Omega Kingdom of God. 

That is why He created man.  Man was the new land of the Omega Kingdom and He put His Kingdom within man.  However -- He doesnít put that new land into all people.  This new land is in all men -- but their new land has no king but themselves. Each human is made of humus or dirt. That is the substance of the new land. Only the ones that want that new Kingdom within can have it. They must invite the Lord to be their Lord and invite Him to reign over them.  That is the new beginning that every man has been given the opportunity to choose. Each morning you have a chance to choose who is going to be Lord over you -- self-rule or Jesus the Christ.  What did you choose this morning?

The Scriptures declare that when an unclean thing touches a clean thing -- they both become unclean.  When Lucifer believed The Lie and became Sin -- an unclean thing touched a righteous Creation.  When that happened -- a righteous Kingdom became an unrighteous Kingdom and so -- Satan became lord of an unclean Creation of His own making.

The Godhead revealed that They would not sit as God over an unclean Creation.  They brought forth a plan hidden from the foundation of Creation -- that since They were righteous -- that all things that opposed Their Truth would be Lies; All things that were different from Their Truth were Lies.  Since They are life -- all things that oppose Them -- are death. They decreed that death was the reward for rejecting life from Them.

Now -- since God doesnít make mistakes -- He will bring forth a new Creation established on His Lordship and make the death of the first Creation the foundation that the second Creation will stand on forever.  That is the City that God is building -- that has a foundation -- that will last forever.  That is the city that Abraham went looking for;   The city with the foundation of dead self-rule.

Understanding this -- we begin to see the magnitude of Satanís move to be lord over Creation and to establish His throne above Godís.  There wasnít anything in existence that could defeat his plan when he chose to make himself lord over himself and stand against God. There was no death and nothing called Sin. Satan counted on Godís own integrity to keep His Word;  That would enable Satan to create his evil kingdom of self-rule.

God had given free choice to Creation because He didnít want to be Lord over those that didnít want Him to rule over them. Satan declared he didnít want the Lord to be his lord. He wanted to be lord over himself -- or self-rule and so -- God would have to give him his choice.

Lord -- Cause Your Kingdom to come into this dirt body of mine called -- earth -- and make it into the Garden of Eden and give it to this second Adam. I want You to be my Lord.

No Lie can enter this garden because this second Adam refuses to believe The Lie and only receives The Truth as it is in Jesus. I bow my knee to King Jesus and receive the Lord Christ as my God and King.  We appoint You to be our King and we receive Your inheritance as a gift. In submitting to You as our King -- we give back to you Your inheritance.

When our Father asked You Lord to give me Your inheritance in Psalm 2 -- You did that.  Now -- I give You back Your inheritance and ask You to be Lord over me and it.

Because Satan refused to submit to Christ the Lord -- he became an evil seed from another kingdom which had another king.  How did he become that? The same way Adam became an evil seed from another Kingdom -- he believed the king of that other Kingdom that said he could be his own god and bless himself and not die.

When Satan introduced The Lie into Godís Kingdom -- the Tree of Life became a Tree of Good and Evil.  The Tree of Life only lives in the Kingdom of Perfectness.  When a Kingdom becomes imperfect -- the Tree of Life dies.  When God made man -- He placed within man the seed of God: Godís own image and likeness -- The Kingdom of God.

The destructive power of The Lie is as great as the creative power of God. I say that because The Lie destroys anything that The Truth creates -- if The Lie can find someone to believe it and give their life to it.

Understanding this -- we can see why the Lord hunts down The Lie and destroys it wherever He finds it.  It is something like having a perfect body and then -- finding some virus in it. If you are smart --you donít rest until the virus is dead.  However -- the virus in this case is Satan and he has chosen to live with the virus called Sin.

I believe that the Lord is the head of His body and Creation is His body.  His body was perfect in all of its being until one cell in Godís Creation (called Lucifer) chose to live by self-rule. When that cancer revealed itself -- by declaring it to be the rightful lord of Creation -- the Lord Christ found Himself with cancer. The cancer demanded its right to live in the body of Christ (called Creation) because by grace -- it could choose to live by self-rule.

Then -- as Satan loosed The Lie further into the body of Christ (called Creation) low and behold there were millions of angelic beings that wanted to live by self-rule also.  It surely seemed like the Creation of God was turning against Him. There were millions of angelic beings that didnít want Christ to be Lord over them.

It is something like a father on Earth finding out that his kids really donít want him to be their father anymore;  Or like a pastor that finds out that his flock doesnít want him to lead them anymore.

So -- Christ became subject to death because of the cancer in His body.  He sentenced Himself to death so that the cancer couldnít spread to the new Creation. In sentencing Himself to death -- the cancer had an end because cancer is so foolish it consumes its source of life and so -- dies by self-destruction.

So -- Christ having died in the body of Jesus -- the cancer is dead and buried.  Then -- Jesus Christ arose from the dead into a new body that is immune to cancer because -- the requirement to get into the body of Christ is to surrender self-rule over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  If you will not do that -- you cannot be part of the body of Christ.

So -- Do we have to let this cancer of self-rule kill us physically before we can be a part of the new King and His Kingdom? No -- we can surrender now and settle The Truth that Jesus is Lord and self-rule is dead.

God canít get a sin virus out of a body that wants it there. God couldnít get the Sin virus out of the first Creation because at least one-third of creation wanted to live with it and make it their way of life. So -- Christ let the Sin virus consume the first creation and raised up a new body to dwell in called ďman.Ē Christ made man of the dirt of the earth and so -- established a new world where each person is lord of that body and so -- has the authority to give it over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That choice -- thereby -- makes it immortal with Jesus as Lord.  Christ is safe in that kind of body and we are safe in Christ.

However -- right now -- we live in a world where viruses thrive. So what can we do? We are born again into a new Kingdom within us. When we are -- we are like taking an ark or being put in a reed basket or a cocoon and transported to a new beginning where the Kingdom of God is within us.

God canít get a Sin virus out of this present world either because this world wants that virus in it. So -- He moved His Kingdom within everyone that wants it in them.  When He did that -- we were made new.  God creates His Kingdom for the ones that want to live in it.  He places His Kingdom within everyone that wants to live in it and so -- brings forth a ďGarden of EdenĒ within. No Sin virus can enter within that garden because the new man within doesnít want it.

The real purpose of Jesusí life on Earth was accomplished on the last day of His life on Earth. The Lord hides those that He has called to do important things in establishing His Kingdom in the Earth.  He does that so Satan canít find them and kill them before they finish their purpose. 

He hid Moses among the people he was sent to deliver as seed into the world to begin the establishing of His Kingdom; He hid David among the sheep;  He hid Joseph in a prison;  Jesus was hid from Pharaoh until the day of His revealing.

The Lord hides those that have important things to do deep within the system of the earth to keep Satan from recognizing them and trying to kill them. When a person surrenders his body to the Lordship of Jesus the Christ and gives up self-rule -- he becomes indestructible.  He canít even die physically until he accomplishes his purpose.

When we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus -- destruction comes to the natural man and so -- resurrection life comes forth and resurrection life is indestructible. As soon as Sin killed Jesus Christ -- He arose from the dead. So -- death brings forth life and so -- resurrection life comes forth out of death.  So -- Resurrection life is indestructible.




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