ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ


Chapter 4


The Lie


That Lie was then told to all who were alive in the Alpha Kingdom at that time.  The Lie began to work like leaven in that first Kingdom of God.

Anyone that would listen to it became Sin and one-third of the angels believed it and followed Satan into that life of believing they could bless themselves and become their own god -- which is the same as self- rule.

Many -- many -- things happened at that moment to all of Creation that explains the condition of Creation as we see it now.  Great changes took place as Sin entered into what was a perfect Creation up to that moment. That Lie was like a seed cast into the ground and it began to spread like leaven. For further explanation see the chart in chapter 11. The evidence that The Lie was working to defile the whole Universe is that darkness began to fill the glorious Alpha Kingdom of God.  Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered how come there is so much darkness out there in space?  Especially since the Bible says that in God there is no darkness at all.

I wouldnít dogmatically stick to this statement -- but I believe that darkness wasnít part of the original Alpha Kingdom because the Bible says that in God there is no darkness at all; And since Creation was brought forth to reflect Godís glory. How could darkness be a part of what He originally created that was sinless?

I need to mention here that in Isaiah.45 it says that God created all things -- including darkness and that is true -- but I believe that darkness wasnít a part of Godís original creative act.  Darkness came into Creation as a result of Lucifer trying to use what God created for his own advantage. God didnít create darkness as a work of His. We know that nothing exists of itself. If it exists -- then it came out of Godís creative work -- but I donít believe that God brought darkness forth of His own self. When The Lie was conceived by Satan -- God gave the realm of darkness to identify Sins realm.

That Lie was like leaven and so -- began to leaven the whole Alpha Kingdom of God. Darkness is synonymous with evil and I believe that when Satan believed The Lie -- Creation immediately reflected his presence and so --Creation became unlike God. When that happened -- God was faced with the task of how to rescue His Creation from this Lie that was claiming to be The Truth and saying that it was the only way to get blessed. We will see that God -- in His foreknowledge -- will use The Lie to bless His final Omega Kingdom.

I might also ask -- How could a mighty beautiful and wise angel come to such a conclusion?  Because in his heart he was lifted up by his beauty and wanted more than God had appointed to him.  We need to be careful about concluding that Lucifer fell because he was jealous over God giving man the inheritance Lucifer felt was his because of his service to the Lord Christ.

That could easily sound like God was giving something away that Lucifer thought God was going to give him and that is not what happened. The Bible says that Lucifer fell because he was lifted up with pride because of his beauty and accumulation of goods. His love for things and pride in his beauty was the reason he chose self- rule as his own.

Men fall into the same trap for the same reason and that is why Jesus taught to take no thought for tomorrow and not to store up.  The only 401K plan that Jesus has for His Kingdom is that He is Lord and He will never leave us or forsake us. The Manna came every morning and you couldnít store it up for the next day. That is Kingdom supply.

When you once start down that road of storing up for yourself and your future -- you have entered the same thinking that Satan did before he fell. You can say -- Well -- I can handle it or the circumstances make it necessary to do Godís will. Lucifer was a wise and beautiful angel and he stood in the very presence of God and he couldnít handle it.

Jesus made it very clear in His teachings that we are not to take an anxious thought for tomorrow or are we to store up for tomorrow. I would say: Beware of what you are doing.

Now -- if you are storing up to accomplish something that God is sending -- like Joseph did in Egypt -- that is different. Joseph isnít storing up for himself so he can trust in it; He is doing what the Lord told him to do for a specific reason.






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