ďThe Truth About --The Lie AboutĒ


Chapter 9


The Truth Says


The Truth says:  You can only be righteous by a gift of inheritance and be blessed by inheritance.

Each being that enters that Omega Kingdom would have made the choice to submit themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over them -- thereby -- silencing The Lie forever. Christ Jesus the Lord has made the eternal Omega Kingdom His eternal home.

However -- that whole Alpha Kingdom came under the sentence of death and so -- all living things and that would be everything because in that first Kingdom before The Lie every thing was living -- would have to move into the new resurrected Kingdom that God would bring forth out of the death of the old one.

That would mean that -- everything in the first Kingdom would have to pass through death to enter into the second or everlasting Kingdom. Both those that had chosen The Lie for their life and those that had not chosen The Lie would all have to die to self-rule and pass into the new Omega Kingdom of God. 

Remember -- when I say die I donít mean cease to exist.  I mean -- give up lordship over themselves and submit to the Lordship of Jesus the King over them.

The source of life in the Omega Kingdom is resurrection life -- or life from the dead. Inherited life is different from grace life. Grace life allows everything to exist by a gift -- even rebellion.

Resurrected life only accepts life from the death of self-rule and imputes righteousness to that person as their own and so -- rebellion canít live there.  Both forms of life are gifts from the only One that can give life -- but resurrected life is given through grace and rebellion is allowed by grace.

To live by grace means that grace allows God to let me live even while I am a rebel against Him. Godís grace allows me the time I need to receive Jesus as Lord and forsake self-rule. That means -- I am no longer a rebel taking advantage of Godís love for me while refusing to love and obey Him.

We are allowed to be rebellious and live because of Godís grace. We are given imputed righteousness by inheritance through grace.

We have all seen what happens when by grace rebellion is allowed to live.  This present world is our example.

Everyone that likes that so-called freedom can choose it as their final home if they want to -- itís called Hell.  Those that donít want it and will submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over them -- get resurrected life as their home.

We havenít realized how extensive the effects of The Lie of self-rule to be blessed would be.  The Lie is so complete in its destroying power that it would even cause the Lord Christ in the person of Jesus to have to die to remove it.






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