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About the Publishers


Jerry Lewis has been a minister of the Gospel for more than 40 years.  His wife Brenda has been helping him for the last 20 years. Together they are dedicated to the preaching of Gospel of the Kingdom of God and to getting that message into the hands of the body of Christ and the world.

Jerry is a mechanical and architectural engineer by trade. He is also an accomplished acrylic and oil painting artist who specializes in unique -- one of a kind -- copper wall hangings and sculptures -- all of which -- can be purchased from their Website.. 

He and Brenda believe that our gifts make a way for us and that the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom should never be sold.  Selling their artwork is one means which allows them to freely give away all of C.M’s. publications.

All books and writings published by C.M. are available on-line at www.thethruthaboutthelie.org   . Each book is offered free of charge for study and downloads. The copying of all material is permitted only in its entirety and with the expressed condition that it is not to be changed -- sold -- or used for profit in any way -- but is to be given away free of charge.

This ministry operates by gifts of inheritance.  Anyone who wants to support this ministry by purchasing a finished copy of a book can send their donation to

C.M. Publishing

 PO Box 99

 Harrisville, Michigan 48740.

  For others who do not have Internet access or cannot afford a copy --  we will send a copy free of charge while supplies last. We encourage everyone who can support this ministry to do so and to help us according to (2 Cor 8:15 KJV) As it is written, He that had gathered much had nothing over; and he that had gathered little had no lack.

It is our purpose -- as ambassadors for Christ -- to be a supply and not a need -- a harvest and not just a seed. We are to give the riches of the Kingdom to meet the needs of the world.



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If you would like to report an issue with this link or the information displayed please contact us at TheTruthAboutTheLieAbout@Charter.net and we will investigate the issue.

Here at TTA-TLA we believe that our Kingdom virtures are to make a way for us. Below is a link to our  copper & acrylic art web site. Purchasing from this site is one way we are able to give all our material away for free. Go to:


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